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Ever-changing licensing rules make most organizations overpay. You deserve a partner who protects you and empowers you to take charge. An independent expert who looks for the truth, positively impacts your financial balance sheet and ensures your team can make an even better difference.

Independent Cloud specialist

We are 100% independent! We have no contract or financial interests with any vendor.

  • Independent license agreement consulting: we only have one agenda, your agenda.
  • Huge savings: most of our customers save hundreds of thousands of euros.
  • Avoid risk: show the world how seriously you take your reputation.
  • Blackbelt XP certification: continuous optimization keeps you strong and better able to anticipate developments.

Where necessary, we will assist you with software licensing optimization.

Avoid the 5 costly mistakes

when renewing your contract.

Premium Support

– Knowledge Base
– License Desk (premium): response time of 1-2 days by email support + call me back request
– Licensing Workshop
– Audit Support
– Support with Data Analytics & Recovery Recommendations

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Basic Support

– Knowledge Base
– License Desk (basic): response time: 3-5 days/e-mail support regarding software contracts, licenses & cloud subscriptions
– Support for questions about recovery-related initiatives.

Knowledge Base

Our platform where our licensing experts share their knowledge, experience & expertise actively and even customers have the opportunity to learn from eachother.

Via an online library of articles, glossaries, white papers, FAQs, experiences and experts’ opinions on enterprise software, cloud services and licensing!

Discover Knowledge Base

  • 70% of our Customers have a Support contract
  • You benefit directly from previously acquired expertise and case studies
  • Licensing experts share knowledge & experience
  • New Customer Support Portal for all your IT experts

Trusted by government and businesses

Do you have a question regarding: Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, IBM , VMware or another vendor? Our licensing experts will be happy to help you.

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License Desk

Ready to discover our proven licensing optimization approach? Learn how we can save you costs and take back control of your software spend!

Our Customer Support Portal where customers can submit their questions to our licensing experts via a ticket. As a user, you now have a single location to post queries and check on their progress. Additionally, the answers to these queries are crucial for Blackbelt’s licensing specialists because they are utilized to produce worthwhile information for the Knowledge Base, which is subsequently used to assist other users.

If you purchase Blackbelt XP Basic support, your response time is 3-5 days and you only have the option of going through your question via the License Desk, not over the phone.

If you purchase Blackbelt XP Premium support, your response time is 1-2 days and you have the option to leave a callback request. So that our software licensing optimization experts can go over the case with you over the phone.

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