We provide clarity and insight into the complex world of software licenses. Our independent experts offer advice to optimize your license structure, avoid risks, and maintain control.

Benefits of optimization


Gain insight into the complex software structure and optimize your software licenses


Meet legal requirements with the right licenses and prevent compliance claims.


Maintain an overview of your licenses and stay in control.

Purchase and Renewal of Licenses

At Blackbelt XP, we understand that the world of software is complex. We are here to help you gain clarity in your organization’s license structure. We assess whether you have the right software packages and corresponding licenses for your business processes. Additionally, we are happy to assist you with the purchase or renewal of the required licenses

Insight and control

By gaining insight into your license structure, you maintain control. Our experts provide independent advice to ensure compliance and establish a solid foundation for the further development of your organization.

We optimize your software spend

Contract renewal

Independent expert Advice

Independent, expert advice combined with the most advanced technology. These are the ingredients with which we help streamline your license structure and save costs during your contract renewal. We negotiate on your behalf with major software vendors for the best contract terms.

Cloud optimization

Scale with agility

Access precise insights into the optimal cloud environment for your business, empowering you to scale your infrastructure with complete control over the resources you need.

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Risk avoidance

Making it easy to comply

Non-compliance leads to destructive fines and reputational damage. Keep your image and balance sheet intact. With Blackbelt experts on board, you can eliminate the risk of worrying surprises.

Advies van een expert

Stay up to date

The constantly changing license rules often lead to confusion and unnecessary compliance claims. Our independent experts ensure that you stay up-to-date and comply with laws and regulations.

Experts geeft onafhankelijk advies

Why work with us?

+ Independent experts
+ Over 10 years of experience
+ We have knowledge of all software vendors
+ Partner in business and government
+ Blackbelt XP certification

Trusted by government and businesses

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Case Study

Cost savings for a hospital

Significant yearly cost savings with a Blackbelt XP’s optimization strategy

5 tips when renewing your contract

Wish you had more control over your contract renewal? Read our licensing expert’s latest inside advice on negotiating the best value and optimal conditions from your software vendor.