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The Top 3 Most Used Services:

  • Licensing Optimization

    Data collection, data analysis, usage analytics plus optimization recommendations

  • Contract Negotiation

    Contract negotiations to achieve a contract with the optimal terms and conditions in addition to the best price.

  • Blackbelt XP Support Service

    You can get help with your on-premises and/or SaaS licenses & contracts from the Blackbelt XP Support Service. Spend less on software and stay compliant!

Organizations rely on us for Licensing Optimization Experts, Experienced Dealmakers, and more:

  • Roadmap and Scenario Workshops

    Together we clarify your IT roadmap to establish your software needs and we can negotiate your contract.

  • Benchmarking Service

    We compare your software costs to those in our large database and provide you with recommendations regarding potential savings.

  • Software Audit Support

    License and contract experts support you during an audit.

  • Software Reporting Support

    Blackbelt XP supports you in preparing annual reports for your software vendor. We analyze your current usage, needs & optimization opportunities. Read more.

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