IT Roadmap & Scenario Workshops

Through Software IT Roadmap and Scenario sessions, our experts will show you exactly how your current environment responds to different licensing optimization situations

Roadmap Workshop

Based on several IT workshops, we determine your needs

Scenario Workshop

Several scenarios are created for your company

Contract Negotiations

These Workshops allow us to start Support during contract negotiations with your software vendor

Roadmap Workshop

Our experts conduct one or several hands-on workshops, in which based on various topics, your organization’s software needs are identified. In addition, organizational changes that may affect your software contract renewal are discussed.

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Scenario Workshop

Based on several Roadmap workshops, we identify your needs, short-term and long-term. We develop different scenarios to show you how your current environment will respond.

We share best practices to optimize software spend and take you through the licensing landscape of various vendors such as: Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, IBM, etc. Some examples of licenses that may be covered are: Azure Active Directory, SAP S/4HANA, Microsoft 365 E3/F3 and E5 Security & Compliance.


  • Impact analysis of organizational changes
  • IT architecture analysis
  • Validate software requirements
  • Selection of various scenarios

Blackbelt XP develops some scenarios based on the preliminary research and roadmap workshops. With these scenarios, your organization will be able to enter into new agreements that are tailored to its current and future needs. An important part of the scenarios are the multi-year calculations.

The Roadmap & Scenario Workshops provide insight into your current and future licensing environment. Wondering what your software requirements and licensing environment would look like?

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Software Contract Negotiation

Now you are able to start the negotiation process with the ideal scenario. Our goal: to guarantee a contract with optimal prices and conditions.

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