SaaS pricing Benchmark Services

We compare your software spend to those in our large database and provide you with recommendations regarding potential savings


We benchmark your software spend for: Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, IBM, VMware, etc.

Competitive price

We constantly monitor market prices for software licenses and contract terms.

Contract Negotiations

Thanks to our extensive database, we can always negotiate the best contract for you!

Your software portfolio

Are you purchasing software licenses at a fair price? For a number of software vendors, we can achieve this. This guarantees that you always pay the appropriate price. We can benchmark your software expenses to assess whether you are paying the right price and what you can save.

We make your savings potential and key security risks transparent. Benchmark your software spend and start saving on your software contracts!

Avoid the 5 costly mistakes

when renewing your contract.

Benefits of SaaS Prices Benchmark Services

Only pay for what you actually use and require! Many businesses frequently overpay for their licenses. All the more reason to look very critically at how these licenses are used and the possibilites for licensing optimization. There may be room for improvement, and our specialist are pleased to use theri knowledge to discover opportunities for optimization. The best time to review everything is 6/9 months before your contract expires.

  • We always achieve significant savings on your software costs
  • A multi-vendor database & unique Licensing Optimization approach
  • Control your software spend

We prevent any costs if our Benchmark and/or Licensing Optimization initiatives seem unfeasible. If you don’t save the same amount as we cost, Blackbelt XP refunds the difference.

Comparing the costs of your software? We provide guidance and assist in finding the ideal contract.

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Why Blackbelt XP?

Blackbelt XP – 100% independent – is also specialized in Licensing Optimization. Every day we help and advice international organizations in these kinds of processes and ensure that these companies conclude the most optimal contracts at the best contractual and financial conditions. That is our core business. And we are happy to do the same for you.

A benchmark service of your current infrastructure to gain insight into your licensing structure. If necessary, we can work out concrete steps that will allow you to realize immediate savings!

From Blackbelt XP you can always expect recommendations regarding potential savings, even in the near future if your contract(s) are about to expire. Perhaps this isn’t the best moment to complete a project (of several months) for software licensing optimization or your next contract renewal? We offer suggestions for potential short-term financial gains! Consider this: in a couple weeks from the time we gain access to your relevant data and benchmarking the software vendor(s) proposals.

We are happy to help you make the best strategic decisions (with an impact on pricing) and offer unique support from experienced dealmakers to get the necessary data for optimizing your SaaS and other software purchases.

Benchmarking Service

Benchmark your software expenses and start saving on your software contracts!

We optimize your software spend