Microsoft price increases for nonprofit organizations

It is critical for nonprofit organizations to take action now. As previously communicated, Microsoft is going to raise its nonprofit prices effective September 2022. However, Blackbelt XP has options for avoiding these price increases.

Price increase

Below is the list of the Microsoft products that are subject to the aforementioned price increases as of September 2022:

Office 365 E1                                                             +25%

Office 365 E3                                                            +27,5%

Office 365 E5                                                             +8,5%

Microsoft 365 E3                                                        +12,5%

Microsoft 365 Business Premium (for SMBs)     +10%

The prices of the Microsoft 365 E5 and Microsoft 365 Business Standard subscriptions will not be increased, as will the subscriptions for the so-called “firstline workers” (F-subscriptions).


Our experts have experience with various non-profit organizations and associated software subscriptions

We are happy to help you avoid the above price increases. Please contact us for a no-obligation orientation meeting to discuss the possibilities.

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We are experts in license optimization, guiding you through the ever-changing software regulations. Our collective knowledge of licensing, proprietary technology and negotiation skills are unmatched within the nonprofit market.

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