Microsoft announces new Azure Savings Plans

Microsoft again emphasizes cloud via Azure at last event: Ignite 2022. Microsoft Ignite is one of the technology giant’s largest annual events for tech professionals and developers worldwide. Do you want to catch up on the licensing updates?

A new way of paying for Microsoft Azure was announced as a possibility for Microsoft customers. For Azure, they claim to optimize and maximize cloud investments.

Read more about Azure Savings Plan documentation provided by Microsoft: Save with Azure savings plans.


Focus on maximizing our use of the available time, money, and resources. In his keynote speech, Satya Nadella (Microsoft CEO) key statement is that Microsoft’s focus is to enable customers to “Do more with less”.

Via the Azure Community related information is also available:

Azure savings plans help you save money by committing to an hourly spend via one-year or three-year plan for Azure compute resources. These are relevant options for Enterprise Agreements, Microsoft Customer Agreements (MCA), and Microsoft Partner Agreements.

  • New benefit for Software Assurance (SA) customers

Some new licensing options for SA, related to Azure Stack HCI, has been announced at Microsoft Ignite 2022. Read the Azure Stack blog and what’s new.

  • General availability of Power Pages & Licensing perspective

Power Pages is focused on building low-code, scalable and secure business-oriented websites. Licensing is available as prepaid or pay-as-you-go. More relevant licensing information is available as a Power Pages – Ms Ignite Blog by Sangya Singh.

  • More about Microsoft Ignite 2022 – Highlights and summary of Power App announcements.

Read more about Ignite 2022 and interesting Power Apps related news.


Microsoft statement – Azure savings plan:

Azure savings plan for compute will allow customers to do more with less on Azure. Doing more with less on Azure is an opportunity to achieve cost savings by migrating on-premises workloads and optimizing existing investments to become more cost-efficient, so customers can then reinvest resources in activities that accelerate growth in their business.

Microsoft provides the following statement on this matter: “Azure savings plans help you save money by committing to an hourly spend for one-year or three-years plans for Azure compute resources. Saving plans discounts apply to usage from virtual machines, Dedicated Hosts, Container Instances, App Services and Azure Premium Functions. The hourly commitment is priced in USD for Microsoft Customer Agreement customers and local currency for Enterprise customers. Before you enter a commitment to buy a savings plan, be sure to review the following sections to prepare for your purchase.”

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