Reporting Support

Your annual reporting

We support you deliver your software vendor reports, for example ‘True Up’ for Microsoft regular Enterprise Agreements, or an annual report for Enterprise Agreement Subscription contracts.

We can help you with reporting for various vendors, such as: Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, IBM, Salesforce, VMware, etc.

Avoid the 5 costly mistakes

when renewing your contract.

Our Approach

  • Analyze current environment
  • Analyze software needs
  • Understanding Effective Licensing Position
  • Search for optimization opportunities
  • Processing results from Recovery Workshop into a draft annual report
  • Transparency in your licensing environment
  • Improve your Compliance
  • Control your software spend

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Optimizaton opportunities software contract

This is the perfect time to look at your current usage, needs and optimization opportunities. Is there growth in your organization or is there a decline? Use the annual reports as a time to look at your own organization. The reports contribute 100% to the transparency of your contract terms, license rights and usage.

Assistance with annual reporting

We help you prepare your annual reports.

We optimize your software spend