Software Audit Support

A Software Audit of your vendor? We are here to help you during this process.

With Blackbelt’s Audit Defense service, we ensure you are supported during a comprehensive software vendor audit. We perform a full scan of your licensing environment and accompany you during the audit process as part of this Software Audit Defense solution.

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when renewing your contract.

What to expect during the Audit Support?

During the audit defense process, you can expect the following:

  • Data Collection, Data Analysis and Recovery Workshop.
  • We are the first point of contact during the Audit process
  • Development of a negotiation strategy including role assignments
  • Advice and assistance during the negotiating process
  • Analysis and recommendations on supplier proposals
  • Control of the final Audit agreement and transfer to the client’s reseller
  • Avoid compliance fines and reputational damage
  • Always a Blackbelt at your side
  • Compliance up
  • New insight into your savings potential
  • We take care of anticipating key security risks
Avoid compliance risks, high compliance fines and reputational damage.

Contract Negotiations

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Are you really in full control?

Non-compliance results in exorbitant fines and reputational harm. Keep your image, corporate branding, and financial balance intact. Our experts ensure that you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises. We make it easy to follow, for every customer. Are you ready to join our succesful Audit Defense clients?

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