Custom Protection

Our Managed Service based on your software needs

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Choose the services you need to optimize your software contract

Choose your term

You can choose a length of 1-3 years. The obtained results must be safeguarded. A Blackbelt expert will always be on your side

Optimizing & saving

Before beginning to optimize, we will review your software contract and licensing

For one to three years, a managed service based on your needs. You create a unique package within which we will support you based on your contract.

Through a wide range of services you always have a service that fits your needs and the roadmap of your organization. You only pay for what you need.

We are confident about our services and savings potential. We will save you at least the amount you invested. Isn’t that the case? Blackbelt XP refunds the difference.

Avoid the 5 costly mistakes

when renewing your contract.

Benefits of Custom Protection

  • A tailored Managed Service
  • Always have access to a een Blackbelt XP specialist
  • Support agreement for one or three years
  • Knowledge Base & License Desk
  • Complete care about licenses & contracts
  • Reduce your financial and security risks
  • Save 15-40%
  • Blackbelt XP Support
  • Strategic data-driven decision-making

The Top 3 Most Used Services:

  • Licensing Optimization

    Data collection, data analysis, usage analytics plus optimization recommendations

  • Contract Negotiation

    Contract negotiations to achieve a contract with the optimal terms and conditions in addition to the best price.

  • Blackbelt XP Support Service

    You can get help with your on-premises and/or SaaS licenses & contracts from the Blackbelt XP Support Service. Spend less on software and stay compliant!

Organizations further like to work together for:

  • Roadmap and Scenario Workshops

    Together we clarify your IT roadmap to establish your software needs and we can negotiate your contract.

  • Benchmarking Service

    We compare your software costs to those in our large database and provide you with recommendations regarding potential savings.

  • Software Audit Support

    License and contract experts support you during an audit.

  • Software Reporting Support

    Blackbelt XP supports you in preparing annual reports for your software vendor. We analyze your current usage, needs & optimization opportunities. Read more.

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