Pre-owned licenses

Considering selling your surplus licenses or saving money with pre-owned licenses? We can connect you with the most reliable distributers in our international network, without risk of non-compliance at your next audit.

Avoid the 5 costly mistakes

when renewing your contract.

Benefits of Pre-owned licenses

This is a win-win situation: Sell your unused, surplus licenses or buy pre-owned licenses if there’s a shortage. Both will move you closer to your next innovation.

  • Earn money back on unused licenses
  • Avoid inflated costs with pre-owned licenses
  • Save on unnecessary support contracts

Pre-owned licenses in 3 steps

Gain insights on surplus licenses

With our license Insights discover which licenses are surplus to requirement

Select and negotiate

We negotiate the best prices for your surplus licenses with trusted international license resellers

Execute and innovate

Execute the sale and you are ready to move forward with your innovation roadmap

Take full control of your software estate with us by your side. Speak to our Blackbelt XP team to learn more

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