Without clear insights into your software usage, your financial and security risks are much higher and your critical decision making is restricted.

In fact, the vast majority of organizations are paying very high license and support fees or overspending in the cloud in an attempt to avoid their risk of non-compliance. Don’t be one of them.

Avoid the 5 costly mistakes

when renewing your contract.

Benefits of Insights

With Blackbelt XP Insights, we remove the software you don’t actively use, ensure you are fully compliant and save you money. Having expert insights into your license position and cloud spend empowers you to achieve the best results when negotiating with your software vendor.

  • Save up to 7-figure sums
  • Strengthen your compliance with no extra costs
  • Reduce your financial and security risks
  • Regain control with full transparency

Your license and cloud insights in 3 steps

Data collection

Our team provides you with the tools and support to extract the relevant data for expert analysis

Expert analysis

Be empowered to make the best strategic decisions as our experts structure and analyse your data


Take back control with our actionable report on how to reduce costs and avoid compliance risks

Once you have full oversight of your license position and cloud spend, let’s continue to the second key stage:


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