Software Contract Negotiation

Together, we help you negotiate the contract for the best pricing possible with the best contract terms for your organization

Negotiation Strategy

Development of an effective negotiation strategy


Strategic and tactical advice during your negotiation process

Contract Negotiations

Benchmarking the proposals received and submitting counterproposal

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Software Contract Negotiation

Our knowledge, experience and independent position are 100% focused on obtaining the best software contract for customers with optimal prices & terms.

Software Contract Negotiations are a crucial component of your IT organization’s bottom line.

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Avoid the 5 costly mistakes

when renewing your contract.

Software contract optimization through insights

We help you develop the best optimization strategy. Based on the insights gained in combination with your organization’s roadmap, we develop different scenarios.

Through Roadmap and Scenario sessions, our experts show you exactly how your current environment reacts to different situations.

  • Maximize your ROI
  • Dealmakers negotiate and ensure the best price with optimal terms and conditions
  • We can optimize multiple parameters while ensuring compliance.
  • Innovation readiness. Using what’s actually needed for your IT-roadmap
Always the best contracts! We discover and negotiate the best prices and terms to ensure significant IT savings on your software contracts.

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Selection and negotiating

Empower your business to innovate for the future. Select the scenario that best suits your organization using a clear and forward-looking strategy.

Examples of scenarios may include:

  • Keeping your current contract
  • Selecting another supplier
  • Different subscriptions based on need instead of one large suite for all employees
  • Scaling up or down licenses

Then, with the aim of obtaining the best pricing terms and conditions, we start the software contract negotiations with your vendor(s).

Save an average of 30% on your software spend

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