Save money

increase compliance

We bring clarity and understanding to the complex world of software licensing. Our independent experts will substantially reduce your license costs, help you avoid risks and empower your business to innovate for the future.

Your transformation

Costs down

Save 6-7-figure sums by paying only for the licenses you need.

Compliance up

Avoid costly compliance fines and reputational damage.

Innovation ready

Enjoy the insights and savings to invest in people, products and technology.

With it driving you forward

Visualise a digital future that’s bright and clear. You have full oversight of your licensing structure, confidence in your compliance processes and a massive increase in your bottom line. It’s a future with your IT team at the forefront: driving innovation and amplifying opportunities.

Contract renewal

A Blackbelt on your side

Independent, expert advice to streamline your licensing structure and save you money when you’re renewing your contract. We even negotiate the best contract with Microsoft on your behalf.

Cloud optimization

Cloud optimization?

Risk avoidance

Risk avoidance?

The ever-changing rules around licensing compliance mean most companies are paying significantly too much. We strongly believe this is unfair. You deserve a partner who protects you and empowers you to take control. An independent expert who seeks out the truth, positively impacts your balance sheet, and enables innovation.

Why work with us?

Blackbelt level
Bringing back the money
Other goal than microsoft resellers

Trusted by government and businesses


Huge cost savings for financial institution

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Avoid these 4 costly mistakes when renewing your contracts

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