Three tips about Microsoft 365 subscriptions

Office 365 offers a host of opportunities to increase productivity while at the same time significantly reducing hardware and software costs for large organizations. Our past experiences tell us that companies waste huge amounts of money on both unused subscriptions and subscriptions that are only partially used.

Besides numerous unused licenses, there are many employees who have been assigned an Office 365 E3 subscription which they use for e-mailing purposes (Exchange) only. All other components from the Office 365 E3 subscription – such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc. – will not be used.


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Avoid mistakes when purchasing and managing Office 365 subscriptions

Below you can find three mistakes that many companies make when purchasing Office 365 subscriptions:

  1. They purchase too many subscriptions;
  2. They renew inactive subscriptions, rather than reassigning them;
  3. They assign subscriptions to employees that include apps they will not be using.

It is imperative to determine exactly what you need before proceeding to purchase or renew subscriptions. A more detailed approach to determining which employees need an Office 365 E3 subscription and which employees could suffice with an Office 365 E1 subscription, will instantly result in a significant cost reduction.

Ensure a proper match between the O365 subscription options and the actual need

We can help your organization with license management by providing you with insight into the number of inactive and unassigned subscriptions.

We also help you make the right match between the O365 subscription options and the needs of the employees within your organization, enabling them to get the most from the subscription available to them.

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The question here is what the most optimal form of license – or combination of licenses – would be, taking into account your organization and your working methods. The various options and the risks of poor software licensing make it challenging to make purchasing decisions. Sometimes, organizations choose incorrect license combinations, which leads to unnecessary costs.

These are some examples from the everyday practice of Mourad and other SAM consultants at Blackbelt XP. For both domestic and international clients, they work on projects that relate to the way you assign licenses to your employees. Of course, we are happy to help you decide what is best for your organization. You can find more information about software and licensing.

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