Legacy CSP subscriptions extended indefinitely

Microsoft has extended indefinitely the previously announced end of automatic renewal of legacy CSP (Cloud Solution Providers) subscriptions on July 11.

In short:

  • Existing subscriptions could be renewed at the old terms until July 11, this deadline has been dropped.
  • So even after July 11, existing subscriptions can be renewed at the old terms: beneficial! Make use of this.
  • NCE: it is no longer possible to cancel or lower your subscription on any day. You can still purchase licenses per month, but with a 20% surcharge.
  • New CSP subscriptions fall into NCE by default.
  • Microsoft partners will no longer receive incentives on licenses in the “old” platform as of January 1, 2023. And those partners will thus prefer not to renew in the “old” platform and prefer to have customers renew in NCE. A disadvantage for you!

On Wednesday, Microsoft canceled that deadline. “Extended indefinitely the previously announced July 11 end of auto-renewals of legacy CSP subscriptions,” the announcement reads.

With NCE (New Commerce Experience), Microsoft wants to end the era of permanent software licenses. Fixed-term subscriptions should become the norm. But renting on a monthly basis is 20% more expensive in NCE than renting on an annual basis. Flexibility has a high price in NCE.

Microsoft reports in an update, “Microsoft has seen an acceleration in recent weeks of partners migrating legacy Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) subscriptions to the new trading platform. We appreciate the efforts of partners who have contributed to this acceleration, and all CSP partners are encouraged to complete migrations from legacy to new commerce as quickly as possible. Earlier, we communicated that legacy subscriptions based on commercial seats will no longer be automatically renewed on the legacy platform as of July 11.

Microsoft: “While it is still our goal for partners to migrate legacy subscriptions to new commerce before end of term, we have made the decision to continue supporting the legacy auto-renewal feature beyond July 11.”

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