Jeroen Kiks is the new CEO of Blackbelt XP

Starting Jan. 1, 2023, Jeroen Kiks will succeed Ivan Bagaric, as CEO of Blackbelt XP

Amstelveen, The Netherlands – January 2023 – Jeroen Kiks is the new CEO of Blackbelt XP, the leading independent expert in (SaaS) licensing optimization and contract negotiations, which has offices in The Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. Jeroen succeeds Ivan Bagaric.

Jeroen Kiks

Jeroen, former Managing Director of Districon, has extensive experience as an entrepreneur in business strategy, change management, project management, and interim management. At Districon, he led successful projects at SME, Enterprise and government organizations. Together with a driven team, he has built Districon into a leading global Consulting and IT Solutions partner within the Supply Chain.

He is looking forward to his new position and working with the Blackbelt XP team: “I want to continue the growth of Blackbelt XP and fulfill the increasing demand from the market in the areas of license optimization, contract negotiations, and optimizing software spending.”

Ivan Bagaric

Jeroen will succeed Ivan Bagaric, who worked for three years at Blackbelt XP and was co-responsible for the growth of Blackbelt XP. And despite leaving Blackbelt XP, Ivan remains a shareholder and will continue to advise Blackbelt XP.

Ivan looks back on his time at Blackbelt XP with pride and pleasure: “Blackbelt XP has achieved some great milestones due to growth recently. We established the German market, successfully rebranded to Blackbelt XP, serving big global customers, the new modern office, the launch of a Knowledge Base & License Desk, and the newly developed SaaS tool Control Tower for optimizing Microsoft M365 license.”

Blackbelt XP wishes Ivan all the best and looks forward to continuing to cooperate with him.


And Jeroen foresees a prosperous future for Blackbelt XP: “Customers achieve great cost savings thanks to Blackbelt XP’s incredibly talented people and  deep knowledge. Present and future customers face the same challenges with a huge cloud shift and an even more complex software licensing world. Blackbelt XP will be there to help our customers make the right choices while ensuring what we stand for – costs down. compliance up.”