Everything about software licensing and cloud services is now available online for free

At Blackbelt XP, knowledge is our specialty. Knowledge of business software and cloud services that you may not have at home, but that you need to make a good decision about purchasing. Much of that knowledge is now even more accessible. We are making a lot of knowledge about business software, cloud services, and licenses available in our Knowledge Base. This is an online library with glossaries, white papers, FAQs, experiences, and expert opinions. Our Knowledge Base is available to everyone, even if you are not a customer.

Discover our new Knowledge Base


The key to successful negotiations is a good information position, we always say. The greater the knowledge gap between you and the provider of certain software, the more unfavorable your contract will be. In short; knowledge is power, as it turns out. Because we are in the middle of a digital revolution that is rapidly changing the landscape of business software, the need for knowledge is also growing by the day. By offering a lot of knowledge in an easily accessible way with our Knowledge Base, we meet a great need. It also fits in well with the trend of self-service to make this information available to everyone. This way our employees can focus on supporting our customers with more complex questions and negotiations.

How does it work?

Quite simply. In our Knowledge Base you will find the answers to simple questions like the content of different services and software packages, but also about the different licenses and conditions. We also offer user experiences and expert opinions. In short, the platform answers all your burning questions, from discovering tools to current industry trends.  The platform is customer-focused and created to give you the support you need.

License Desk

Our Knowledge Base is available free of charge and we also offer a License Desk. A service for our customers that gives you direct access as a user to a licensing expert and premium content. A central place to ask all your questions, keep track of them and maybe find the answer in one of our exclusive articles.

Knowledge Base & License Desk Blackbelt XP