Blackbelt XP moves to a new modern office

Due to the growth of our organization, we have moved to a new office. Our new warm office is also in Amstelveen, 2 kilometers from our current premises. As of September 5, 2022, you can find us at Startbaan 6.

Meeting and working together

Our new home base offers more space and is furnished in a more modern and efficient way. With lots of glass, greenery, and meeting places, the new building is suitable for a multitude of activities such as project work, concentration work, informal consultations, online consultations, meetings, and, of course, the enjoyable experience of having lunch together and ending the week with a drink.

“Above all, it must be a place with good facilities where everyone feels at home, employees can meet and work together,” said Ivan Bagaric, CEO of Blackbelt XP.

Ergonomic work

As an organization, we attach a great deal of value to this. All employees have access to a sit-stand desk and very good chairs to maintain the correct posture. In addition, the new office also offers the opportunity to meet colleagues at different places in the building, to have informal work meetings, or just to catch up. It is important that employees can also take a break from their workplaces.


As an employer, it is important to play a role in the health of employees during working hours. It is possible to have a healthy lunch in the ‘green’ canteen. Our office is also located opposite a sports complex, which fits in perfectly with the Vitality Program that we offer as an organization.

Feel like a cup of coffee? Feel free to drop by!

New address details:
Startbaan 6
1185 XR Amstelveen
+31 (0)85 00 74 567