Amstelveen, September 12th 2022

Blackbelt XP launches Knowledge Base

Expert in software licenses Blackbelt XP launches a so-called Knowledge Base. An online library with glossaries, white papers, FAQs, experiences, and the opinions of experts about enterprise software, cloud services, and licenses. This is desperately needed because more and more companies can not longer follow the complex world of licensing. Different service models, licenses, and providers, all in complex contracts. The Knowledge Base of Blackbelt XP tries to narrow the knowledge gap between provider and customer so that organizations can make better choices when purchasing enterprise software (licenses) and cloud services.

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Both businesses and consumers are in the midst of a digital revolution. For businesses, that means more and more services are moving to the Cloud. Services that large, third-party vendors offer. A lot of change goes hand in hand with a great need for knowledge. Because: what is available? And which licensing model best suits which need?

Numerous questions arise concerning business software to which companies with limited IT resources have difficulty finding answers. Not least because the first point of contact is often the supplier of the software in question. Not very independent, but obtaining independent advice also costs time and money. The Blackbelt XP Knowledge Base jumps into that gap and makes important information about business software easily accessible.

Leendert van Leeuwen

Principal Software License Consultant bij Blackbelt XP


Blackbelt XP sees a strong increase in the demand for knowledge about enterprise software and licenses. Many companies lack contextual knowledge to make good decisions. “We chose to invest in a Knowledge Base because we noticed that there was a demand for it, from our customers but also from the market. Of course, we live in a self-service era where we want to search for answers ourselves and not always during office hours. A Knowledge Base is a perfect platform for this”, says Leendert van Leeuwen – Principle Software License Consultant at Blackbelt XP.

License Desk

Blackbelt’s Knowledge Base is accessible to everyone, and customers of Blackbelt XP can benefit from exclusive content. On top of this, there is a License Desk for clients that not only provides access to all Knowledge Base content but also allows the client to directly address licensing issues with an expert. This gives the user a central platform to ask questions and track the status of these questions. Also, these questions are essential for Blackbelt’s licensing experts as this is used to create valuable content for the Knowledge Base.


Fully in line with the digital revolution, the Knowledge Base is not just a one-way street. Blackbelt XP does not only want to offer knowledge itself but also facilitate organizations helping each other and exchanging experiences. Although this is not yet included in the platform: “We aim to create a community in which people and companies learn from each other. We attach great value to Customer Service’’, says Leendert.


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