You are responsible for carrying out sales activities for existing and new customers, with the aim of achieving turnover targets and retaining and expanding the existing and new customer base. To achieve your objective, you closely follow our sales principles.


Being Customer Centric
The Customer is in the centre of your everyday work. You build sustainable relationships with them, because we are here for the long run.

Knowing our market
We are working in a fast-changing dynamic market. You make sure to understand the market you are working in – the dynamics, the trends, the power shifts, and the dependencies. When customers speak with you, they need to learn something from you and your conversation

Being Honest
Don’t oversell. Be sure that what you sell can also be delivered. If you are not sure, talk to your colleagues and get an opinion. Of course, this is never black and white – but overselling will kick us out of the market.

Following Up
You make sure to follow up on conversations and due dates you agreed on. Customers need to know that they can rely on the promises you made.

Active listening
It’s not about us, it’s about your customers. Try not just to pitch. Ask questions and listen actively to the answers. Listen and learn.

Knowing our products and services
You will not be successful if you don’t know what you (we) are offering. Make sure you are up to date on the latest developments of our products and services. Seek actively for advice from your colleagues and co-workers on how things are done.

Understanding our value
You are not just selling a product or a service – we are solving problems! Make sure that you understand your customers’ problems and how our value can help them overcome these problems.

Challenging your pitch
There is no perfect pitch in sales. And there is also not a “one fits all” approach. Always challenge your pitch and lock for ways how to optimize it – to maximize your results. Every customer we miss or lose is a customer we can’t help!


In order to achieve the object, there are a number of tasks associated with this position.

These are (but not limited to):

  • Realizing your revenue targets within your assigned and/or new accounts.
  • Reaching out to prospects and potential new customers.
  • Creating sales opportunities for upsell/cross-sell with your assigned customers and new leads.
  • Building relationships with existing and new customers incl. regular customer visits.
  • Pitching, presenting, and explaining the value we can generate for our customers (products and services).
  • Ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction incl. recurring satisfaction measuring.
  • Monitoring the correct and on-time delivery of projects in cooperation with service delivery.
  • Managing your sales pipeline in CRM incl. activity tracking.
  • Proactively following market developments.
  • Living our sales principles and company core values.


  • Active management of your sales pipeline. Therefore, you keep your lead and opportunity base up to date at all times to ensure accurate forecasting and reporting.
  • Creating growth opportunities with existing and new customers. You do this by understanding your customers’ problems and finding a proper solution for them. Also, you maintain a trust-worthy relationship with existing customers and you make sure projects are carried out correctly and on time.
  • Actively living our companies core values and sales principles.


  • Minimum of 2 years experience in Sales within dynamic and complex markets as ICT, Software, Tech, Professional Services.
  • Proven track record in growing revenue bases with existing and/or new customers.
  • First experience in managing projects preferable.
  • Self-starter attitude with the ability to handle uncertainty.
  • Positive mindsets – you never take “no” for an answer.
  • Implementing the new business sales plan and responsible for achieving the objectives of this new business sales plan.
  • Active management of your sales pipeline. Therefore, you keep your lead and opportunity base up to date at all times to ensure accurate forecasting and reporting.
  • Creating growth opportunities by constantly bringing in new business. You do this by understanding your prospects problems and showing them how we can solve these for them. Also, you maintain a trust-worthy relationship with your network of prospects and potential new customers.
  • Actively living our companies core values and sales principles.


Customer Centricity
Everything we do needs to have a focus on the customer and how to make them successful. We ask ourselves always: is this the best experience and are these the best results we can generate for our customers. Because customer success means BLACKBELT success. It’s that simple

Thought Leadership
Our knowledge sets us apart from the competition and it’s the reason why our customers want to work with us. To maintain this position, we need to learn constantly and train ourselves to not fall behind.

We are open about our goals. We openly communicate what we want to achieve and how we will achieve them. We are also open about what we expect from each other. Be transparent about what you are able to provide and what not.

Being Personal
We are not another suits company. We have meaningful relationships with our colleagues and customers and we take each other seriously. We are supportive and give feedback when required. We take care of each other and help each other to be successful. And of course, we have fun together.

We are taking on the biggest corporations in the world – every day. We are brave by definition. Bravery also means to say the hard truth – to your customers and to your colleagues. Bravery means to stand up against unfairness and inequality. Bravery means to be open about your weaknesses and to stand ground for your mistakes.


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