Software License Optimization

Software License Optimization Services

The process of optimizing your software licensing situation begins with a thorough analysis of your IT environment. Blackbelt XP has the knowledge and technologies to collect and arrange this data efficiently. After the data is collected, analysis of the data takes place to generate a “Effective License Position” and then we give recommendations to optimize your licenses & subscriptions. In addition, an immediate compliance check is performed.

We would gladly negotiate the best contract conditions for your company. From a completely objective standpoint, our support consists of advising and supporting where we see potential opportunities for Licensing Optimization and identify areas for improvement(s). We have only one agenda, your agenda!

Avoid the 5 costly mistakes

when renewing your contract.

Your benefits of software licensing optimization

  • Save on software costs
  • Compliance up
  • Improve efficiency and productivity

This saves you a substantial amount of money through our proven ways to reduce costs and/or excessive software spending. Particularly with 3-year contracts with several software lines from Oracle, IBM, SAP, and Microsoft. Wherever possible, we avoid compliance risks. Furthermore, our Licensing Optimization experts are always ready to guide you through constantly evolving software regulations.

We give you insight into your contract terms & licensing guidelines, rights and usage

Data Collection

Our team provides you with the tools and support to extract relevant data for expert analysis

Data Analysis

Our experts structure and analyze your data so you can make the best strategic decisions

Recovery Workshop

You can regain control based on our reporting and by learning how to cut costs and minimize compliance risks

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Data Collection

Optimizing the licensing position begins with a thorough analysis of the IT environment. Blackbelt XP possesses the knowledge and software to collect and structure this effectively. Data collection is done through software tools and/or interviews.

Data Analysis

Once the data is collected, the analysis of the data starts and results in an Effective License Position with recommendations to recover licenses or fix compliance.

  • Save up to 7-figure sums
  • New Insights in your licensing environment
  • Compliancy report
  • Regain control with full transparency
Do you want full insight into your contract terms, license structure & insight into your software usage? We are happy to help you save on your software spend!

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Recovery Workshop

At the Recovery Workshop, the Blackbelt consultant discusses the results with your IT team and internal experts. During this workshop, the main focus is on identified deficiencies, possible recovery actions with or without the need to purchase new licenses.

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