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Continuous Negotiation

Save 15 - 40% on your software contracts. Guaranteed.

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– Unlimited software lines
– Dedicated Dealmakers
– Contract analysis
– Contract optimization
– Contract negotiation
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A Managed Service that completely takes care of all your software lines and saves you considerable money.

‘Unlimited Vendors’

We love helping you innovate in an ever-changing market. We have experts for every vendor, who are skilled in contract analysis, contract optimization, and contract negotiations.

We save you 15-40% on your software spend, we benchmark your prices and negotiate a contract with best price and contract terms for you. Continuous.

Avoid the 5 costly mistakes

when renewing your contract.

Benefits of Continuous Negotiations

We analyze your licenses and usage for your SaaS subscriptions, among other things, and can benchmark your current price thanks to our years of experience and expertise in many sectors. We can negotiate a better pricing and contract terms with this information.

This means for you:

  • 15-40% savings on your software spend
  • Better contract terms
  • Usage and license analysis & optimization
  • Support by Licensing Optimization Experts available quickly.
  • Continuously optimized ROI
  • Strategic data-driven decision-making
  • The best Dealmakers & unique negotiation skills
  • Extensive experience in the most commonly used software lines
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Experienced Dealmakers directly contribute value to your Software Contract Negotiations.

We have various business and government customers at Blackbelt XP. This means that we have assisted multiple organizations save millions of dollars on software contracts from Microsoft, VMware, Red Hat, Oracle, SAP, and IBM. We know when margins are within reach and when a different or optimal optimization strategy can be more successful.

Knowledge of software licensing and contract renewal(s) is essential, which is why Blackbelt XP collaborates with your IT team to achieve the best results.

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