Microsoft Product terms changes March 2024

Microsoft has published their updated product terms for this month. Several changes have been implemented that may impact users. Below is an overview of some of the key changes

Updated Minimum Quantity for Finance Premium and Reversal of Mix-and-Match Capability between Finance and Finance Premium

Previously, the required minimum quantity for both Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Finance Premium was 20 licenses. However, with the recent changes, Dynamics 365 Finance Premium now has a minimum of 10 licenses, while Dynamics 365 Finance retains the minimum of 20. Combining these licenses to meet the minimum of 20 is no longer possible.

For example, before this month, users where allowed to purchase 10 licenses of Dynamics 365 Finance and 10 licenses of Dynamics 365 Finance Premium to meet the minimum of 20 licenses. However, starting March 2024, this is no longer allowed as the new minimum quantities apply per product.

Clarify Microsoft Bookings for Microsoft 365 F1 User Mailbox Use Rights

Microsoft 365 F1 does not include rights to an Exchange mailbox. To ensure proper functioning of Teams, M365 F1 licenses may be provided with the Exchange Online K1 service plan. Although the Exchange Online K1 service plan will create a mailbox for the user, M365 F1 users do not have permission to use the mailbox. Microsoft advises disabling Outlook on the web for these users and urges your users not to access the Exchange mailbox through other methods. This means that, although users with a Microsoft 365 F1 license are assigned an Exchange mailbox, they are not allowed to use it.

In the updated Product Terms, Microsoft now added an exception for Microsoft Bookings. When using Microsoft Bookings, Microsoft advises not to disable Outlook on the web.

Stay informed

It’s crucial for organizations to stay informed about changes in Microsoft’s product terms, as these can impact how they use and manage their Microsoft products. By understanding and anticipating these changes, organizations can ensure they fully comply with the new terms and optimize their IT resources accordingly.

For more detailed information about these changes, feel free to reach out to our team.


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